Thursday, March 19, 2009

about me

noor rezikin.18.senai,jb. i'm eikin.I..'m very Indecisive.I'm nothing compared to what you expect.I..'m always changing not for a trend but on what..'s better for me.I..'m a whole new me,now it..'s all different.Not the same as i once was.I don;t act like someone who I;m not,which is hard to say for some people.If you like me,chill.If you don..'t like me,don..'t fake it you..'re just going to waste your time.Make a good first impression,it means a lot, loose that and you..'re out of luck.Get to know me and not through an about me.PEACE.I like to be different,and I like things that people dont..'t like.I have really high expectations and not one person has met them.I..'m not like you.I..;m very confident in myself.I like to be honest with people and tell them what I think of them.One day i will be famous

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